Update on The Sports Shop Winter League

Match 2 of The Sports Shop Winter League was held on Terrally Bay on the 15th January. Sea condition,s were good for a change ,hardly any weed and fairly calm sea with clear water. Species caught included Whiting,Coalfish,Dogfish ,Dabs,and Rockling. Results as follows-

Seniors Zone A 1st Scott Mc Cartney 2nd Brian Maxwell 3rd Bruce Mc Lean Zone B 1st Isaac Muir 2nd Alan Hughes 3rd Eric Mc lean Juniors 1st Bruce Copeland 2nd Andrew McLean 3rd Thomas Copeland

Match 3 of the League was held on Larbrax Beach on 20th January. Strong northerly winds made angling difficult with lots of Floating weed and strong tidal currents making it hard to hold bottom. Nevertheless there were a few different species landed , Flounder Whiting,Coalfish,Codling,Bass,Turbot,and Rockling. Results were-

Seniors Zone A 1st Eric Mc Lean 2nd Mark Dewar 3rd Isaac Muir Zone B 1stJim Keith 2nd equal David Goupillot and Alan Hughes Juniors 1st Andrew Mc Lean 2nd Thomas Copeland 3rd Bruce Copeland

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