The Area starting to Fish really well from Boat and Shore

The Area is starting to Fish really well from Boat and Shore. From the Beaches there are Dogfish,Smoothhounds ,Gurnards,Flounder,Plaice and a few more species being caught. from Rock Marks around the area a few Pollack,Dogfish,Bullhuss,Coalfish and lots of other species being landed. The Boats are landing a good number of Species Tope ,Ray,s,Smoothhound,Gurnards,Mackerel,Whiting,Pollack,Bullhuss,Codling ,Haddock, Wrasse,Plaice,Dabs and many more species

Lochryan Sea Angling association held their First Match of the 2019 Season on Sunday 19th May. The Match was also an Inter-Club Match with Peever S.A and Solway Vikings which was held on the Banks of the River Dee in Kirkcudbright,where the target species would be Flounder,Bass,Coalfish and Common Eel. However the Fish were a bit scarce maybe due to it being a Big Tide and there were a few Blanks but also a few Anglers were successful and managed to put some Fish on their Scorecards. Alec Bell from Kilmarnock won the Match with 127cm and Andy Everett from Carsluith was Runner-Up with 101cm. I had the Longest Fish of the Day with a Flounder of 39cm. Bruce Copeland won the Juniors with a score of 96cm,no mean feat on a Day when Fish were hard to come by. Peever S.A edged Lochryan by a few Centimetres and the Solway Vikings were slightly behind. There are a few photos of Winners of Match,Zone Winners and Longest Fish Winners on the Day. Tight lines eric

Alec Bell Longest Bag Winner
Andy Everett Longest Bag Runner-Up