The Area around the Rhins Peninsula is Fishing well at the moment

The small Boats when they can get out are getting plenty of Tope, Smoothhounds and Thornback Rays as well as a few Bullhuss and many other species such as Gurnards, Herring, Mackerel, Whiting etc. in Luce Bay.


From Portlogan and Portpatrick there has been a lot of Bullhuss, Spurdog, Codling, Haddock, Pollack and even a few Common skate and many other species landed.


The Charter Boats from Portpatrick, “Predator ii” and “Lucky Dip” are both worth a trip out on as both boats are reporting good sport.


From Drummore and Portlogan “OnYer Marks ”  and “Go West” charter boats are also having very good sport and would be well worth a Trip with.


From the Rock Marks around the Area there is also some cracking sport to be had at the moment.

The Mull of Galloway Marks are producing a few Mackerel and Herring, Wrasse, Pollack, Dogfish, Bullhuss and the odd Conger and Tope.


From the Rocks around Portpatrick there are some decent Pollack up to around the 5lbs size, Wrasse, Dogfish, Bullhuss, Codling etc. and also from The Yellow Isle there has been a few Plaice caught.


The Rock Marks around Wigtown Bay are also throwing up a bit of sport with Smoothhounds, Tope and Rays as well as Dogfish.


From Rock Marks around the Ise of Whithorn there has also been some Bullhuss and the odd Tope landed but the Mackerel has been a bit scarce down that area.


Lochryan has been producing a few Mackerel, Dogfish and a few other species.


Rock marks around Portlogan have also thrown up some Pollack, Codling , Coalfish, Dogfish and Wrasse


Pictures are myself with a Smoothhound, Raymond Garrett with a Tope, Alan Hughes with a Tope both from Rock Marks and Danny Kay with a nice Tope from LuceBay