Still a few Tope around the area

There are still a few Tope around the Area ,when the winds relent and allow us to get out Fishing. The weather has not been ideal with strong winds pounding our Peninsula,however when you can get onto the Rock marks around Portlogan,Portpatrick and Mull of Galloway there are still a good lot of Fish about. Wrasse,Dogfish,Pollack,Coalfish,Bullhuss and lots of other species can be caught. On Sun 6th October the Lochryan Sea Angling Associatio held their 9th Match of the summer series on Kilstay Bay ,Near Drummore. The Match was relocated to this venue after heavy Rain had caused all the Rivers in the area to Flood,so the River Cree Estuary the venue that the Match was meant to be on had to be changed. There were only a few Species of fish Caught,maybe due to the ammount of freshwater around the coast ,Dogfish,Ballan Wrasse ,Coalfish and Flounder were the Fish that were measured and returned in this match . Results 1st Gavin Mc Crae 180cm 2nd David Coltart 115cm and 3rd Andy Everett 113cm Junior Results 1st Andrew Mc Lean 113cm 2nd Bruce Copeland 70cm and 3rd Thomas Copeland 57cm Senior Longest Fish 1st Dean Drysdale 18cm Wrasse Longest Fish Juniors 1st Thomas Copeland 20cm Flounder. The last Match of L.S.A.A Summer Series was held on 27th October on Portlogan Beach .There was over 1657cm of Fish Measured and Returned ,bearing in mind only 3 of each species count in the Club League Matches. The Species caught included Ballan wrasse,Bass,Coalfis,Flounder,Pollack,and Baby Turbot. Senior Results 1st Alec Bell 199cm 2nd David Goupillot 178cm and 3rd Jim Keith 161cm Juniors 1st Andrew Mc Lean 128cm 2nd Bruce Copeland 52cm The Longest Fish Seniors was shared between Jim Keith,David Goupillot and Bruce Copeland with 42cm Bass and Junior Longest Fish was Andrew Mclean 35cm Bass. The L.S.A.A also had their Boat Trip from Portpatrick on 20th October on Steve stringers Boat “Lucky Dip II”. There was a bit of a Sea on in the morning but it settled down around lunchtime. We started the Day of by trying to Catch a few Mackerel for Bait ,which deemed to be successful landing both Mackerel,Herring,Codling ,Haddock and some Whiting as well as a few Grey and Tub Gurnards. The bigger Baits were soon sent to the bottom to see what would turn up and it wasn,t long before the first Spurdog was brought to the surface , a Fish of around the 5lbs size,then this was soon followed by more Spurs to around 7lbs and also the occasional Tope. When the Tide was near low ,we anchored up and tried the bottom with a few more big baits and soon a few Tope were landed,with the odd Dogfish and Bullhuss in the mix. 8 Tope were landed and released for the day ,a good Day out and thanks to Steve Stringer for the Day. Lots of new and exciting Lures for Bass Fishing coming into the shop in time for Xmas as well as some other new exciting rods and reels Tight Lines Eric