Some nice sized Tope, Spurdogs, Rays,and Common Skate from Area

Small boats and Charter Boats fishing from Portlogan and Portpatrick have been landing some nice sized Tope, Spurdogs and some Common Skate.


Recently there have been that many Spurdogs that they are onto the baits so quick that the Tope and Common Skate haven’t had much of a chance for a hook -up , however there has been a few landed.


From LuceBay there have been quite a few Tope landed as well as Bullhuss, Thornback ray and Smoothhounds.


The size of Tope has been good as well with a lot of them over 40lbs.


From the Rock Marks around Portlogan,Ardwell Bay and Portpatrick there has been some decent sized Pollack and Wrasse landed as well as odd Codling, Flatfish etc.


From The Isle of Whithorn the Tope Fishing has also been good when the weather has allowed the Boats to get out although Mackerel have been a bit hard to find at times.


Pollack and Wrasse Fishing has been pretty good from Rock Marks around Burrowhead and  Cruggelton Marks .


I fished from Portlogan the other day with Alec Bell, we had lots of Spurdogs and one Tope and Bullhuss as well as a few other species.













Tight lines, Eric