Sea Fishing is getting better weekly

Sea Fishing is getting better weekly,a few Mackerel and Herring from Portlogan,also some Mackerel in lochryan but still not in large numbers. some of the other Summer species are appearing around our Shores,Smoothhounds,Tope ,Thornback Ray,Plaice,Pollack etc. The Pollack Fishing on the West side of the Peninsula is providing a bit of sport with Fish up to and over the 4lbs size having been landed.Plenty of Dogfish around the Mull of Galloway Marks as well now,and the odd nice Bullhuss.Wigtown Bay Marks have been producing a few Smoothhound,Tope,Bullhuss,Thornback Ray ,Flounder ,Bass,Dogfish etc.Lochryan Sea Angling Association Fished an Interclub match with Peever Sea Anglers on the Cree estuary on Sun 20th May ,30 Anglers fished this Match which was Measure and Release and over 2400cm of Fish were measured. The Longest Fish was a Bass of 52cm caught by Paul Mc Kie from Peever S.A 2nd Rob Drennan 40cm Flounder and 3rd David Little 38cm Flounder . Rob Drennan was the top Angler with a total length of 566cm 2nd Jim Keith 233cm and 3rd equal Paul Mc Kie and Tom Walkingshaw 228cm   Zone A 1st David Coultard 226cm 2nd Alec Bell 201cm and Zone B 1st Eric Mc Lean 208cm 2nd Stuart Miller 177cm and Top Junior was Thomas Copeland with 83cm Species Caught were Whiting,Dogfish,Flounder ,Common Eel and Bass. The Trout Fishing has also been very good with some excellent Brown Trout being caught in our Local Stanraer and District Waters check out their Facebook Page.