Recent Trip to Xcalak in Mexico,Saltwater Flats Fishing

I recently had a Trip to Xcalak  which is on the most southerly part of Costa Mayo in Mexico on the Carribean Coast. Xcalak is also bordered on the south by Belize and on the other side by the famous Chetumal Bay and the nearest larger town to the North is Mahahual from where I had fished this area a few years ago from a Cruise Ship, this was why I had decided to go again.


I went armed with 8,9 and10 weight Fly Rods and a selection a various Reels and fly Lines. My leader material was mainly Ultima lines, 40lb Powerflex crystal for The Baby tarpon. Assorted fluocarbons including Ultima Proteus in varying weights. Rio bite wire 30lb etc.


Flies were assorted Crab,Shrimp.Gotcha,Crazy Charlies, Decievers, Toads, EP Baitfish and a few Clousers etc.


My wife Linda accompanied me and we booked a few nights stay at the “Casa Paraiso” Guest House which is located just North of Xcalak Town and is situated right on the Beach with its own wooden jetty.


We were looked after by Ben, Esther and Edwardo  who were always up early with the coffee pot filled , fresh fruit and breakfasts on the stove.


My guides were ” Capt.Victor Castro” and ” Choo Choo Hernandez ” of Osprey Tours whom both tried really hard to put me on the fish. I would recommend these guys to anyone whom would like to try Saltwater Flyfishing.


They were patient, spoke good English, had good fish spotting ability, a great knowledge of the area and never uttered a cross word even though they must have inwardly been exasperated by me spooking fish. This is what happens when you read articles on the outward bound Flight that says you either spook a few permit or they will take the fly.


I am not going to drag this article out with the chances got and chances missed, let me just show a few pictures which I hope shows the beauty of the area and again thanks to everyone down at Xcalak that made our trip a memorable one.