Recent Trip to the Andaman Islands

After Xmas,I was counting down the Days until we were in the Andaman Islands with Game Fishing Asia for a bit of Giant Trevally  and what ever other toothy critters that would have a go at our Poppers ,Stickbaits,,Jigs or Flies. The Rods that I had picked for this Trip were a Tenryu Popping Extreme,Daiwa GT Popping Special and an Okuma Azores Jigging Rod these were paired up with Shimano Stella and Saragosa reels which were filled with Spiderwire Smooth 100lb Braid and Ultima 80lb Powerbraid  and at the business end leaders of 100lb -200lb Mono were attached. Poppers from 110gram -160 gram and a few Stickbaits and Jigs up to 300gram were also Packed. Before we departed on our Trip after weighing the Luggage I managed also to sneak A Hardy Wraith 12 weight Fly Rod Coupled with a Hardy Fortuna fitted with Sinking and Floating Lines along with a box of flies that I had tied last year.Dubai was our first stop,here we had 3Days a chance for my mate Allan McLelland and both of our spouses to relax before our onward journey to India and then down to the Andamans. When we finally arrived in Veersavarkar Airport in Port Blair ,we were met by the Game Fishing Asia staff whom transported us to the Kokari Guest House which was to be our Home for 7 nights. Having met some of the other Guest House staff , we were shown to our Rooms where we unpacked and sorted our Gear out ready for our First Trip in the morning. Captain Dileep arrived in the early evening to meet us ,and check out our Gear and discuss what we would like to do the following Day.Later that Evening at dinner we met some of the other parties that were Fishing and also David from Australia whom was sharing our Boat,and a few more of the Guest House staff including the Chef. The next morning was an early start,so after Dinner and a few Beers it was time to get the head down to be ready for the next Day. After what I thought was about 30mins sleep the alarm awoke me,Teeth cleaned and quick Shower,Dressed ,Breakfast and a spritely walk to the Harbour we were off on our First outing. The next six Days were something the same ,Some Good Fish,keep chucking Poppers or Stickbaits until your arms nearly Drop Off, but the muscle and joint pains soon dulled into insignificance once you hooked into a hard fighting fish, we hooked Giant Trevally,Dogtooth Tuna,Barracuda,Coronation Trout,Skipjack Tuna and a few other Species and I even managed to hook 2 Small Barracuda on the Fly. The Guest House Staff and Gamefishing Asia Staff all worked really hard to make our Trip a pleasureable one which it really was, here are a few pics.