Porbeagle Shark landed in Luce Bay

The Area is still Fishing really well ,and there are still lots of the Summer Species still around. However the Strong Winds have made it difficult for  all the Boats getting out around the area, however when the winds subsided the First Porbeagle Shark that has been caught and landed in Luce Bay for a number of Years came aboard Charter Boat “Go West” Skippered by Spike Millington,it was landed for a Photo  then released . There has been a few seen over the years  ,and probably a few hooked and lost whilst having Tope Gear on but nice to see one finally landed. Portpatrick and Portlogan marks have still been producing a few Tope ,Bullhuss and a few common Skate as well as many other species. The Rock and Beach marks around the area still producing good numbers of Fish  , places to try would be Killintringan,Yellow Isle, and Cheese Rock  near Portpatrick,Portlogan and the Mull Of Galloway worth a shot as well.

Lochryan Sea Angling Association held their Boat Trip from Portpatrick aboard Steve Stringers Boat “Lucky Dip 11” on Sun 14th October. The Lads had 11 different species on the Day without  targeting them ,these included Red and Grey Gurnard,Dogfish,Ling,Pollack,Scad,Cod ,Haddock,Bullhuss,,Whiting and Mackerel. Allan Mc Lelland was the victor on the day scooping the cash pool for Nominated Species and heaviest Fish with his Bullhuss. The Club also had a Roving Match on the 7th Oct from Larbrax -Monrieth. Strong westerly winds made for difficult conditions for the Lads, but they still managed a few species including Dogfish,Ballan Wrasse,Coalfish ,Mackerel and Flounder           Heaviest Bag – 1st John Higgins 4lb 2oz 2nd Colin Rothwell 3lb 111/2oz and 3rd Eric Mclean 3lb 9oz                               Heaviest fish –  1st Colin Rothwell 2nd John Higgins and 3rd Eric Mc Lean  also on 21st Oct they held another roving Match with boundaries Larbrax -Stairhaven. Strong Westerly winds again prevailed but the Lads braved the weather to land 7 different species Pollack,Dab,Flounder,Plaice,Ballan Wrasse,Dogfish,and Coalfish                                                     Heaviest Bag -1st Eric Mc Lean 6lb 31/2oz 2nd Alec Bell 3lb 13oz and 3rd Andy Everett 3lb 10oz                                        Heaviest Fish -1st Eric Mc lean 3lb 11/2oz Pollack 2nd Alec bell and 3rd John higgins