Panama Trip

,Just returned from a Trip to Panama ,where we Fished with Panafishing( which is located on the Tuna Coast of Panama in a small town called Pedasi. The owner Pierre-Andre Demauge,Family and team made our stay welcoming and comfortable at their Lodge. The Food prepared by Freddie was excellent and Maria kept us topped up with liquids for the duration of our stay. ( SFC Travel can accomodate both Individual Anglers or Parties wishing to visit this Fantastic Place). The Fishing was good for TopWater Sport with lots of Fish chasing the balls of Sardine that frequent the shores around the area at this time of year, but we also caught a few Fish on Stick Baits and X-Rap Rapala Lures,however some of our Poppers were a bit on the large side but this was easily solved as Pierre keeps a good stock of Lures,Jigs and Terminal Gear that is suitable for the area. the 3 lads from the Isle of Man that were also Fishing there kindly loaned us some of their gear as well ,so thankyou to James,Kelvin and Rob for your kindness. The Jigging was a bit unproductive for us ,only managing a few small Jack Crevalle , but the Lads from the Manx Cat country had a good variety of fish on Jigs so it goes to show that the right end tackle is important as there were some nice Fish around. Our main aim on this Trip was to catch Roosterfish which we both did ,even though I left it to the last Day to land mine,however the other species we landed were Jack Crevalle,Needlefish,Dorado.Scierra mackerel,Blue Jack,Grouper,Yellowfin Tuna and African Pompano. The Fishing was really good with lots of Follows,sometimes no interest shown in our lures at all as they were dragged past large shoals of Roosters and Snappers,then the next time a lure hit the water it would get attacked immediately,so you just had to keep casting and working the Lures as you never knew the moment that something would inhale them,brilliant fun.The next few Days of our Trip was spent with the Ladies further north at a place called Playa Blanca,from here we visited Panama City,The Panama Canal and the Tropical Rainforest to see the Embera Indian Tribe, all in all a cracking Trip.

Panafishing Lodge