Outdoor Sports

We stock a large range of equipment & accessories for field sports, stalking, shooting, golf, tennis, green bowling, bird-watching and camping etc.




Calor Gas Stoves, Lamps, Refill Gas Cartridges, Battery Lamps, Mess Tins, Cooksets, Cutlery, Kettles, Tent Pegs, Repair Kits, Guy Ropes,Eyelets, Niteize Rope Tighteners, Mosquito Coils, Citronella Candles, Midge Nets, Camping Mats, Sleeping Bags, Thermos Flasks, Folding Chairs, etc.




For Golfers, we have a small selection of Golf Balls, Practice Balls, Tees, Gloves, etc.


For Football we stock Mitre Balls, Ball Pumps, Adaptors, Shin Pads, Socks, Goalie Gloves, Referee Whistles, Boot Laces, etc.



Air Rifles: Weirach, BSA, Webley and many more, plus Airgun Pellets from Nickerson, Webley, Daystate, Powapell, AGS, etc


Rifle Ammunition from Federal, Winchester, Sako, Norma, etc


Shotgun Cartridges: Clever, Gamebore, Express, etc


Decoys – geese, ducks, crows, pigeons, herons & great owls


We also stock a large selection of gun sleeves, cartridge bags, gun cleaning kits & oils, bore snakes, dog whistles, game calls, tally counters, gaiters, camo netting and more.
See Clothing & Footwear page for details of jackets, waterproofs, boots etc. Game bags from Daiwa.



Green Bowling

Green Bowls from Thomas Taylor. (to order)


Bowling Shoes from T.Taylor, Henselite etc.


Various Clothing from T.Taylor and their manufacturers, including Polo Shirts, Jerseys, Fleeces, Waterproofs, Wind stopper Jackets, etc.


Bowls Measures, Toucha Sprays, Carriers & Bags, Grippo etc.


This is only an outline of our stock. Please visit the shop to see the full range. If this isn’t possible, phone or email with enquiries, and we will be happy to help.


If we don’t have what you require in stock, we can usually order it for you. Please ask.