First Mackerel Caught

The First Mackerel of the season have been caught of Portlogan. Also there have been a few Spurdog,Common Skate,Pollack,Coalfish etc caught from the Charter Boats from Portpatrick. From the Beaches and Rock Marks the first Plaice of the season have started to appear,Coalfish ,Flounder,Pollack and a few Dogfish are also around.

The Final Match of TheSports Shop,WinterLeague was fished on the 17th of March. Thanks go to Mark Dewar for making a good job of Running the League and also thanks to all others that helped with pegging the beaches etc. The Zone Winners on the night were as follows Zone A 1st Scott Mc Cartney 2nd Mark Dewar Zone B 1st Isaac Muir 2nd Brian Maxwell Junior Winner was 1st Thomas Copeland 2nd Andrew Mc Lean

The League was pretty tight right up to the last Match with a good few people that were in contention for the top places,however Mark Dewar came out on Top with 9pts 2nd was Isaac Muir 10pts and 3rd Eric Mc Lean11pts 4th Brian Maxwell 12pts and 5th Scott Mc Cartney Junior Results were 1st Andrew McLean 2nd Bruce Copeland and 3rd Thomas Copeland