Fantastic Tope Fishing around the Area

The Area at the moment is fishing fantastic for Tope,with Fish up to and over the 75lbs being landed,also some really good sized Spurdogs around ,some a good bit over the 20lbs and a few Bullhuss have been nearing the 20lbs size as well. Mackerel have still been a bit evasive at times ,allthough when you travel out a bit further they seem to be about in decent numbers.From the Shore the best places to try for Mackerel would be the Railway Pier at Stranraer,Finnarts and Cairnryan ,the Mull of Galloway and there have been a few from Terrally Bay near Drummore. If You are fishing the Railway Pier at Stranraer,or any of the other places around the area, please gather all your rubbish up and take it with you, as you will lose the priviledge of Fishing these places if Hooks and line are left lying around. I managed to wangle a Saturday of ,and fished The Drummore and Distict Tope Festival with Alec Bell on his boat “Striker”.The weather was Fantastic for this event ,and there was an entry of over 25 Boats,and a big Thankyou must go to everyone involved in the organisation and running of this event,which is not an easy task.¬† We both enjoyed the 2Days Fishing and even managed a 5th equal podium place with Alec,s biggest Tope of the weekend,we also had a good catch of Ray,s landing about 20 on the saturday , the biggest was 60cm accross the wings and we also had a nice sized Bullhuss at 103cm.¬† The rock marks around Portpatick have been producing some decent sized Smoothhound as well asa few pollack,wrasse,Dogfish,Bullhuss ,Flatfish,Gurnards and a few other species. Rock Marks from Ardwell Bay – Mullhill at Portlogan have also been fishing well with a few Pollack ,Wrasse, Coalfish,Dogfish,Gurnards etc, Mull of Galloway¬† Rock Marks have also been throwing up a few Tope,Bullhuss,Ray,s,Pollack ,Dabs ,Wrasse ,Dogfish etc. The small Boats and Charter Boats have been having some cracking Fishing from Portlogan and Portpatrick , Tope ,Bullhuss,Spurdog and lots more species being landed. I had a run out with Alec Bell last Wednesday,accompanied by Allan Mc Lelland we landed some really big Spurdog , decent sized Bullhuss,and about another 7 species ,i also Fished the Grennan Woods near Drummore last Frid Night with some of the lads,we had Spotted Ray,Thornback Ray ,Dogfish and Gurnards . Tight Lines Eric