Common Skate still around

Firstly I must apologise as I have not written anything since July .The summer months have been busy and I have spent more hours on the laptop trying to source product than time out Fishing. There has been many nice Fish caught during the Summer Season and even the other Week ,Lucky Dip II Charters from Portpatrick (but now in Stranraer for the Winter) landed a nice Common Skate of over 200lbs. There has also still been a few Spurdog,Pollack and Coalfish as well as many other species still around. The Rock Marks around Portpatrick such as Yellow Isle,Killantringan and Cheese Rock all worth a visit. There are also still Pollack being caught from marks around The Mull of Galloway, Beaches such as Portlogan and The Backshore Ardwell Bay also worth a try.

On the 29th August I entered my Boat “Rosie M” into the Mogsaf 3 Species Comp which was ran from Portlogan Bay.Allan Mc Lelland was my Boat Partner for this Event. We had to wing it at this event as we both had been too busy to get out and try different areas,but as the Tide was dropping we decided to try and get a Cod first. We achieved this as Allan hooked a Codling ,not the biggest but still a counter. Next to try for a Haddock,lots of tiny Haddock and then finally one that we could measure but still not big,only 31cm on the measure. Now off we went to try for a Pollack,decided to try and cover a bit of ground using Lures, travelling slowly along the coastline ,hooked a few Pollack but the biggest was probably about 21/2lbs,so we sped off to try a Mark with Bait,I just got the Boat set up for a drift and before I got my gear ready Allan was into a decent Fish,a Pollack of 73cm,no point in trying to get a bigger one so we set sail again to try and improve on the Cod ans Haddock sizes. Eventually I hooked a 48cm Cod and also got a slightly bigger Haddock of 35cm. Our total of the 3 Species was enough for us to Win this Event, no mean feat as there are always Top Anglers Entered into the Mogsaf Comps.

Allan Mc Lelland with his Pollack
A bit better Cod for me
Some of the Boats in the Mogsaf 3 Species Event
Alec Bell on his Boat Striker