Area still Fishing well but Mackerel are Scarce

The Area is still fishing pretty well but sometimes the Mackerel have been pretty hard to find.


From Portlogan and Portpatrick  there have been some good sized Spurdog as well as Tope up to about the 50lbs size landed.


There has been some good sized Bullhuss,Pollack to around the 9lbs, although most are about the 3lb size,Codling, Haddock and many other species.


Lochryan Sea Angling Association held their 4th Match of the Summer Series in conjunction with Peever S.A and Solway Vikings on Sun 9th July.


There had been quite a lot of rain throughout the week therefore the estuary was quite silty,which might have affected the fishing a bit.


The Winner of the longest Bag in the Match was David little (Peever S.A ) 429cm
2nd was myself Eric Mc Lean ( L.S.A.A) 199cm
3rd Colin Rothwell (L.S.A.A) 109cm and


Longest Fish 1st Eric McLean (L.S.A.A) 91cm Thornback Ray
2nd Raymond Garrett (L.S.A.A)73cm Thornback Ray
3rd Equal David Little and Colin Rothwell 42cm Flounders


Had a day out with Campbell Hearton on his Warrior 175 from The Isle of Whithorn.


After launching we headed round to the front of the Cairn to try and bag up a few mackerel for Tope baits.


After about half an hours jigging it was time to head offshore to try for a few Tope. There was still quite a swell left from the day before and even though the wind had dropped away to nothing  the water was a bit lumpy .


We decided to drift for a while until the tide slowed a bit then we would deploy the hook.It wasn’t long before we had a hook-up a small Tope about 10lbs and thereafter they came steadily to the baits  but alas nothing bigger than 20lbs. But a good bit of sport nonetheless.


About 1 1/2hours before High-Water we dropped the anchor where we picked up a few more Tope to about the 25lbs, a few Bullhuss and the usual suspects the L.S.D,s also made an appearance.


The best Tope of the day was one that Campbell caught whilst drifting past a wreck, it would have been about the 30lbs.


Lochryan Sea Angling Association held their 5th Match of the Summer Series on Sun 16th July.


This was a roving Match between Stairhaven and Ardwell Bay.


Most of the lads opted for rock marks around The Mull Of Galloway but there were a few who tried marks on the west Side of the Peninsula. In the roving Matches, the Rules are that you may only weigh in one of each species and all Smoothhounds and Thornback Ray have to be Photographed on an official measure and then the weight is calculated from the charts.


Tope are not allowed to be counted in any of the Matches.


The Pegged matches are all measure and return.


Species landed included Cuckoo wrasse, Ballan Wrasse, Dogfish, Pollack,Grey Gurnard, Mackerel, Dab, Rockling, Pouting etc.


Heaviest Bag

1st Alec Bell (Peever S.A ) 10lbs
2nd David Little (Peever S.A ) 6lb 3oz
3rd Eric Mc Lean ( L.S.A.A ) 5lb 14oz


Heaviest Fish

1st Alec Bell 4lb 8oz Pollack
2nd David Little 2lb 15oz Pollack
3rd Eric Mc Lean 2lb 5oz pollack.

Stranraer and District Angling Association Waters have fished really well from the start of the season on the 15th March up until now.


Day tickets are available for Soulseat Loch, Dindinnie Reservoir, Knockquhassen Reservoir and Penwhirn Reservoir and you may fish any of these waters on the same day ticket which costs £18.00 for full day or there is also an Evening Ticket for £12.00.


Log on  to Stranraer and Districts web page for more Details .


Picture  is a nice brown trout from Soulseat caught by Alec Mc Colm. There  has been many PB’s of brown trout broken on this Water this Season.


Dindinnie has an algae on it at the moment but is still fishable as long as you wash your hands and kit after you have fished on it.


Tight Lines Eric

P.S  Go onto You Tube  To watch a small Video that I made with Alec Bell Fishing From Portlogan Recently  its under”  Copy of fishing Portlogan with Alec Bell ”