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Holiday to Antigua - Recently we visited Antigua in the Carribean,where we had a few Day,s Flyfishing with Nick Williams ( Antigua Fly Fish and Light tackle Charters). Nick really is a nice Guy and tries extremely hard to get you on the Fish. It was quite windy all the time when we fished with Nick and we encountered a bit of rough water, his skiff is very professionally set up to make your day as comfy as possible. I caught my first Snook with Nick and lifted my fly away to cast again as another Snook arose out of the murky depths to… ...more
Common Skate still around - Firstly I must apologise as I have not written anything since July .The summer months have been busy and I have spent more hours on the laptop trying to source product than time out Fishing. There has been many nice Fish caught during the Summer Season and even the other Week ,Lucky Dip II Charters from Portpatrick (but now in Stranraer for the Winter) landed a nice Common Skate of over 200lbs. There has also still been a few Spurdog,Pollack and Coalfish as well as many other species still around. The Rock Marks around Portpatrick such as Yellow Isle,Killantringan and… ...more
Too Good Weather for the Beaches - The Weather has been fantastic of late,Really Warm and Calm ,good for Swimming and Beach activities but just too good for Angling from the Beaches. There are a few more Mackerel around the area now and some are being caught from beaches such as Terrally Bay,near Drummore. Lochryan has also been worth a try for Mackerel from Lefnol Beach,Lighthouse Point in Cairnryan and Finnarts Bay.Portlogan and Portpatrick Areas have had a few Mackerel around but not in usual numbers lately,allthough there seems to be an abundance of other baitfish around.The Boats from Logan and Portpatrick have started getting a few… ...more
Finally I think the Summer Fish are here in Numbers - Finally I think the Summer Fish are here in Numbers,possibly everything is about 3 weeks behind this year possibly due to the late Frost and Cold Winds we had in April and May. Last week alone has seen a massive increase in Tope,Spurdog ,Smooothhound and Bullhuss as well as Mackerel and many other species. There have been a large number of really good sized Tope from the Rock and Beachmarks around the area,and a good few Anglers have blew away their PB,s . I had a run out with Alan McLelland and Two of my Grandson,s on weekend of June… ...more
A Few Fish turning up around the Area now - There are a few Fish turning up around the Area now. The Charter Boats and some of the small Boats have been landing a few Tope,Bullhuss,Ray,s and Smoothhound as well as a few other species. Mackerel are still pretty scarce but have been caught from Mull of Galloway and Lochryan. From the Rock Marks North and South of Portpatrick there has been a few Bullhuss,Dogfish,Smoothhound ,Plaice and a few other smaller species caught. The Beaches around the Area have been throwing up some Flounder,Coalfish,and the occasional small Bass as well as lots of Dogfish. Roll on some warmer weather as… ...more
Tope in Larger numbers around the Area than in previous years - The Tope seem to be in larger numbers around the Area than in previous years. I have not posted earlier so that I was not encouraging Anglers to break the Rules that the Scottish Government had set in place ,it was just good to get out and throw a line in the water. Some of the small Boats that have managed out in LuceBay have had up to and over 30 Tope in a Day ,these have ranged in size from 4lbs -50lbs, there has also been lots of Smoothhound around also from 2lbs-over 15lbs,Thornback ray ,Bullhuss and lots of… ...more
Good variety of Fish Around the Area - There seems to be a good variety of Sea Fish around the Area at the Moment, some of the Lads from our local club have been out over the week-end since the Lock-Down has eased a little. They have landed Thornback,Smoothhound,Gurnard,Dogfish,Pollack,Bass,Bullhuss,Mackerel ,Plaice,Flounder and Dab etc. We are only Open for collections from the Shop on limited Hours at the moment until we get the green light to open up fully. Please go to our Facebook page where we will try to update things weekly as we progress through this difficult time. Our hours are Tues ,Wed ,Thurs and Sat 9-11.00am… ...more
Update on our Situation - Sorry Everyone that I haven,t updated my Blog for a while,but with everything that has happened with this Pandemic,and the Business having to close due to the Covid 19 outbreak etc,etc there hasn,t really been anything to write about. I just hope that all of you are keeping safe during this traumatic time and that we can have a catch-up after this is all over. Our restrictions are relaxing a bit next week,Fishing is allowed within a 5 mile radius,so at least most of the local Anglers on the Peninsula here should be able to wet a line. We haven,t… ...more
Update of L.S.A.A Results and Sports Shop & ACPC Winter League - The Final and 10th match of Lochryan Sea angling Association,s Summer League was held on Portlogan Beach . There was over 1657cm of Fish measured in this Match which was a 3 of each Species measure and return Match. Species caught were Flounder,Coalfish,Ballan Wrasse,Pollack,Bass and baby Turbot. Senior Results 1st Alec Bell 199cm 2nd David Goupillot 178cm and 3rd Jim Keith 161cm Junior Results 1st Andrew Mc Lean128cm and Senior Longest Fish was shared by Jim Keith,David Goupillot and Thomas Copeland with 42cm Bass . This past years results for L.S.A.A are as follows Overall Supreme Champion 1st Alec Bell… ...more
Still a few Tope around the area - There are still a few Tope around the Area ,when the winds relent and allow us to get out Fishing. The weather has not been ideal with strong winds pounding our Peninsula,however when you can get onto the Rock marks around Portlogan,Portpatrick and Mull of Galloway there are still a good lot of Fish about. Wrasse,Dogfish,Pollack,Coalfish,Bullhuss and lots of other species can be caught. On Sun 6th October the Lochryan Sea Angling Associatio held their 9th Match of the summer series on Kilstay Bay ,Near Drummore. The Match was relocated to this venue after heavy Rain had caused all the… ...more