Indoor Sports

We stock a good range of equipment & accessories for a variety of indoor pursuits: Snooker, Darts, Table Tennis, Badminton, etc.

Indoor Bowling

Indoor BowlsBowls from Thomas Taylor. (to order)
Bowling Shoes from T.Taylor, Henselite etc.
Various Clothing from T.Taylor and their manufacturers, including Polo Shirts, Jerseys, Trousers, etc.
Bowls Measures, Toucha Sprays, Carriers & Bags, Grippo etc.


Snooker / Pool

Snooker & PoolQuality brands include PowerGlide & John Parrott.

Snooker Cues, Chalks, Blue Diamond Tips,
Hard & Soft Cases, Tip Trimmers,
Nylon & Brass Rests, Screwin Tips, etc.


Darts & Dominoes

Darts & DominoesChampionship specification Dartboards,
Tungsten & Brass Darts, Flights, Stalks,

Chunky Dominoes suitable for Domino League.


Table Tennis & Badminton etc.

Table Tennis & BadmingtonTable Tennis Sets, Bats, Balls from Dunlop, Carlton, etc

Badminton Shuttlecocks

Both Table Tennis & Badminton can be played at the Ryan Centre in Stranraer.



This is only an outline of our stock. Please visit the shop to see the full range. If this isn’t possible, phone or email with enquiries, and we will be happy to help.

If we don’t have what you require in stock, we can usually order it for you. Please ask.

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