Clothing & Footwear

We stock a range of quality clothing and footwear for the outdoor sports enthusiast:

Waterproof Jackets

Waterproof JacketsGoretex & Wax Jackets from Jack Pyke, Seeland, Ridgeline, Harkila, Hoggs, Deerhunter, Greys, Snowbee, etc.

Waterproof Jackets & Smocks supplied by Greys, Daiwa, Imax, Sundridge, Vass Rainwear etc.

Waterproofers for Goretex, Wax and various other fabrics, in spray form or for wash-in, from Fabsil, Grangers, Nikwax.


Trousers & Waders

Trousers & WadersHoggs Moleskin Trousers, Tweed Breeks, Combats.
Waterproof Trousers from Deerhunter, Hoggs, Greys, Scierra, Le Chameau.
Waterproof Sallopettes by Daiwa, Imax, Abu, Sundridge, etc.
Thigh & Chest Waders from Shakespeare, Ocean, Snowbee, Daiwa, Vision, Vass etc.
Also a varied selection of Waterproof Leggings.


Waistcoats, Shirts & Jerseys

Fleeces, Waistcoats, Shirts & Jerseys

Top Brands such as Daiwa, Deerhunter, Jack Pyke Clothing etc.

Waistcoats, for fishing & shooting, from Hoggs, Greys, Balena & Daiwa.

Tatersall Shirts, various Jerseys & Bodywarmers from Fortress, Seeland, Niffi, Le Chameau etc.


Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Socks

Hats, Caps & BalaclavasHats, Gloves, Scarves & Socks

Neoprene, Woollen Gloves & Mitts for shooting & fishing

Neck Warmers, Scarves, Shooting Ties

Bama Sockets, Neoprene Socks, Walking & Shooting Socks, etc.



Wellies & Walking BootsWellingtons, in green & camouflage, from Le Chameau, Hoggs, Seeland, Hardware and many more quality brands.

Our Walking Boots are supplied by Rockhopper Boots & Hoggs of Fife. Also we have Gaiters, Sprays for Proofing Boots, Dubbin, etc.

We also stock a range of Bowling Shoes, for ladies & gents, from Taylor.


This is only a brief outline of our outdoor clothing and footwear stock. Please visit the shop to see the full range. If this isn’t possible, phone or email with enquiries, and we will be happy to help.

If we don’t have what you require in stock, we can usually order it for you. Please ask.

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