Nice sized Spurdogs from Portpatrick

Boat Fishing on Marks from Portlogan and Portpatrick is good just now,some nice sized Spurdogs,Bullhuss,Tope and  many other species around. Lochryan Sea Angling Association had a Boat Trip on Steve Stringers Boat “Lucky DipII”  from Portpatrick on Sunday 3rd July,the lads enjoyed the day catching some nice Fish even though the Trip started out a bit lumpy calming of in the afternoon.2016-07-02 10.46.392016-07-02 12.01.032016-07-02 11.56.552016-07-02 11.48.052016-07-02 11.36.09  Rock Marks around Portlogan and Portpatrick worth a try would be The Yellow Isle,Lairds Point,Cheese Rock and Tandoo point also The Basin at Mullhill and Dinihinnie at Portgill. I fished Terally Point on Saturday Evening with Alec Bell,Alec had a nice sized Smoothhound and we had lots of Whiting ,Gurnards and Dogfish. 2016-07-01 20.08.35

The Area is Fishing pretty well at the moment,with lots of different species of Fish being caught

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Sea Fishing around the Area is pretty good at the moment,Mackerel in numbers in LochRyan

Mackerel are showing in bigger numbers in lochRyan just now,places to try would be from the Railway Pier in Stranraer,Cairnryan from LighthousePoint,Finnarts Bay, and also from the High Seat at Lady Bay.Luce Bay has a few shoals around but not yet in numbers like past years,also some now from the Isle of Whithorn.

Shore Marks worth a try would be Terrally Bay ,Portlogan Beach,Craigenarget Beach,Larbrax Beach. Best fished in the evening with incoming tides and baits worth a go would be Rag,Lug,Sandeel and Crab.There are  a few different species to be caught which include Flounder,Plaice,Gurnards ,Dogfish,Coalfish and Smoothhounds.

From the Rocks places such as The Yellow Isle just north of Portpatrick is now throwing up some Smoothhounds on Crab Baits,Flatfish,Gurnards and a few other species.Other Rock Marks to try in that Area would be Killantringan and Lairds Point. Rock marks around Mullhill at Portlogan also worth a shot for Pollack,Wrasse,Coalfish etc.Mull of Galloway  Rock marks also worth a try for Pollack,Wrasse, Mackerel ,Conger and Bullhuss etc

The Boat Fishing has also been pretty good with some decent sized Tope being caught in LuceBay,Isle of Whithorn and Lochryan.Smoothhounds are spread about in Luce Bay,Wigtown Bay and are also up the West side of the peninsula north of Portpatrick,the Charters have still been getting the odd Common Skate from Portpatrick .

Smoothhound from LuceBay

Smoothhound from LuceBay

Had a trip down of ,The Isle of Whithorn with Alec Bell and Paul Stafford on Alec,s Boat the “Striker”,we headed offshore a few mile to try for Tope and Bullhuss. We  anchored up ,put a chum down,and it wasn,t long before we had a Tope.Paul had landed his first Tope,a small male fish which gave a good enough fight for its size.I think the next fish was my Bullhuss  but not sure as the action became quite fast and furious . At one point Alec had a Bullhuss which I unhooked for him, then straight away he was into a Tope at the same time as Paul,quick photo and back into the water .I had two Tope and missed a couple,and we ended the day with a total of SevenTope,loadsof Dogfish,five Bullhuss and two released at the side ,good days fishing with good friends. DSCF0042 DSCF0023DSCF0054 DSCF0031DSCF0048

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Tope Fishing pretty good just now

Isle of Whithorn,LuceBay,and Lochryan have all been producing a few Tope recently.Mackerel around in luceBay and Lochryan but not in abundance yet,and have been difficult to find of Logan and Portpatrick.Smoothhounds have been caught from marks north of Portpatrick,try the Yellow Isle,or marks along Killantringan area for for a shot for one of these felllows preferably Crab Baits,but sometimes take Lugworm. Also a few Codling and Plaice from The Yellw Isle.Some nice sized Wrasse have been landed from marks along Ardwell Bay and Mullhill at Portlogan,also a few Pollack up to about 3lbs from marks around here.

The Charter Boat from The Isle of Whithorn has been landing a few Tope ,Smoothhounds etc and also the Charter Boats from Portwilliam and Drummore have had some good days on the Tope as well as Huss and Rays also being caught. Portpatrick Charters have also been doing well,lots of Huss and they have also had some Common Skate.The charter boat from Stranraer has also been doing okay .

L.S.A.A held their 3rd Match of the summer season on today Sun 12th June at a mark near Garlieston. Conditions were good as only light winds but was really warm and we never had any Rain.Species landed were Smoothhound,Dogfish,Flounder.Plaice,Gurnards and Codling

Results Longest Bag 1st John Higgins 286cm 2nd Mark Dewar 111cm 3rd Neil Allison 85cm

Longest Fish 1st N.Allison 85cm Smoothhound 2nd John Higgins 60cm Smoothhound 3rd Colin Rothwell 39cm Plaice     Best Junior was Leon Paton whom landed 2 Codling for his efforts to get him on this seasons ScoresheetIMG_0543

Fishing around the Area is producing some cracking Fish

The Charter boats from Portpatrick have been landing some Common skate,Bullhuss,Spurdogs,Haddock and Codling  when the Weather has allowed them to get out. also the Charter Boats in luce Bay have started to land a few Tope ,Bullhuss and Smoothhounds. There are Mackerel in LuceBay but they are not in large quantities yet,Gurnards have arrived and there a lots of small Whiting and Dogfish about. Had a run out with Tom Stevenson on his boat Danny Buoy today,weather was brilliant, we started of by catching a few fresh Mackerel for Bait,then anchored off Ardwell to try for a Tope and Smoothhound.Tom had a pick-up from a Tope on his first drop but alas didn,t connect to it, then I had a Pick-up which also dropped the bait.Landed a few Smoothhounds and a Bullhuss then Tom landed a Tope, and a little while later he had a nice Bullhuss to the surface. There were lots of Dogfish and small Whiting  and they all seemed to like the Crab baits but still managed a few more smoothhounds and then it went a bit quiet on the Tope,so we moved a bit further South in the Bay for the last hour or two before we would have to head back in. Anchor  dropped, and Baits out ,it  wasn,t long before I hooked a Thornback Ray then a few Dogfish more and it was Tom,s turn with a Ray. Different species we landed were Dogfish,Tope,Smoothhounds,Tub Gurnard.Whiting,Codling,Mackerel and Thornback Ray, another good Day out and good company.

2015-05-23 14.53.14 2015-05-23 15.36.29

A few Mackerel being caught from the Railway pier in Stranraer,but would just like to remind people to take their litter home and park responsibly when fishing from here. Yellow Isle at Portpatrick is producing some nice Fish when water is clear,also lairds Point is also worth a try.         Tight Lines Eric

Lochryan Sea Anglers first Match of the Summer Series today Sun 8th May

L.S.A.A held their first Match of the Summer Series today ,Sun .8th May.The weather was really kind to us as it was overcast in the morning with some spits of rain ,but it cleared up and became really warm,proper T.Shirt weather.

As this first match was a Roving,some of the lads headed to marks around Wigtown Bay,Portlogan and Portpatrick.There were lots of Dogfish landed,and a good lot of Smoothhounds allthough most were smallish in size,Dabs,Flounder and  a Thornback Ray for Neil Allison from Minigaff,Newtown Stewart which weighed a nice 10lb 4oz.IMG_2769

Heaviest Bag 1st Neil Allison 11lb 71/2oz     2nd Eric McLean 8lb1oz 3rd John Higgins 3lb 6oz

Heaviest fish 1st Neil Allison 10lb 4oz Thornback Ray 2nd Eric McLean 5lb 13oz Smoothhound  3rd John Higgins 1lb3oz Coalfish       2015-05-09 12.12.50

I was using my 14ft  Anyfish Anywhere Big Beach Beachcasters with my PennMag 525 Reels filled with Ultima Distance 20lb and 70lb Ultima Powerflex 70lb shockleader and Up and Over Rigs with Sakuma 2/0Manta Extra Hooks and Crab Baits which are all available from us at The Sports Shop,86 George street,Stranraer .

Tight Lines Eric              All Smoothhounds and Thornbacks were returned alive after being Photographed on Ian Golds Measuring Sticks and witnessed by adjacent Anglers.

First Mackerel have arrived to the area

2015-04-22 13.43.45Some cracking weather this week has allowed people to get out and have a go at both Sea and Freshwater.

The Local Stranraer and District Angling Association Waters have been fishing well. Some cracking overwintered Brown and Rainbow Trout have been landed on the Fly and Lures, Day Tickets are available from us at “The Sports Shop” and cost £15.00 per Adult for a Day ,£13.00 for an O A P,£9.00 for Juniors with a 2 Fish Limit.

The Charter Boats from Portpatrick have been out this week when the weather has been good.  Stevie Stringer  with “Lucky Dip” and Dominic Wilson on “Predator ” have both had successful trips with some decent sized Spurdog, Haddock,Codling and even Skate being landed.

I had a run out with “Tom Stevenson” on his boat “Danny Buoy”today. Caught my first Bullhuss of this season and we had a few Haddock, Codling, Dogfish, Spurdog etc. There are also a few shoals of Herring around but no mackerel as yet.

From the Rock and Shore marks around Portpatrick there have been some Flatfish, Coalfish,Pollack, Codling etc. and also the first Mackerel have been landed from Lochryan this week  and reports have been coming in that a few have been caught in Luce Bay as well

Tight Lines Eric

Fished Wigtown Bay today

My mates Mark Dewar and Gavin Mc Crae went for a try in Wigtown Bay today. (14th April 2016)

The weather was quite pleasant and dry for a change. First Fish was brought in by myself – it was all of about 4.5cm,and hooked firmly in the Top lip. I think  it was a small whiting but I didn’t have my Specs with me.

Gavin was the first to get a decent fish which was a nice Bass of about 4lbs, which was successfully returned to the water.

2015-04-15 14.46.12

Not long after and Mark was into a decent Thornback Ray of about 6lbs, alas that was to be the last Fish of the Day except for a Flounder that Gavin caught.

2015-04-15 15.09.20

I will probably have to endure a bit of stick about today, but it was a pleasure to be out, so here’s to the next time Guys.

Good start to Trout Season then the cold and wet weather arrived

After a good start to the Trout Season on 15th March,when we had a good spell of weather,suddenly the weather took a downturn for easter and its back to Cold,Wet and windy weather. The local Waters of Stranraer and District Angling Association have been fishing well,with a few nice overwintered Fish being caught as well as some of this years stocked Fish of which are a good size with some making the 4lbs.There have been some Rainbow Trout which have overwintered,making the 6lbs in size from Soulseat Loch,Flies to try here are Crunchers,Dial Bachs,Tungsten Beaded Corixa,lures such as Concrete Bowls,Black Woolly Buggers,Montana Nymphs etc. Dindinnie and Knockquhassen Reservoirs have also been fishing well, Flies to try here would be Weighted Dial Bachs, Crunchers,Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails,Black and Green Lures, Yellow dancers,Cut Throat Cats, Viva Nomads etc

Glenluce Angling Clubs  Whitefield Loch has been fishing pretty well for Pike with some specimens over the 20lbs being landed, however these sizeable Fish tend to hide when they hold their Competition on the last Sunday of the Months.Info for times for Glenluce angling club  Competition can be obtained from their facebook page.

The water  around the coastline lately has had a lot of freshwater mixed in it with the heavy rain that we have had lately,and combined with the bigger tides of late has made shore angling difficult,however there have been some Dogfish,Flounder,dabs and Coalfish landed as well as a few pollack from marks around The Mull of Galloway.Stevie Stringer with” Lucky Dip” sailing from Portpatrick, has had  some decent sized Haddock,whiting and some Spurdog and small Bullhuss when he has managed to get out.

Auchenlarie Marks and some of the Marks around Kirkcudbright have been throwing up some Thornback Rays,Marks worth a shot would be Balcarry,Boreness,Torrs.

Tight Lines Eric

Lots of small Whiting,Dogfish,and occasional decent Codling and Coalfish around

The recent spell of good weather has allowed some of the small Boats to get out from Portlogan and Portpatrick. There is lots of small Whiting with the odd decent sized one around as well as some Codling ,Coalfish ,Dogfish and Spurdog a bit further offshore, there are also some Pollack closer in on the Reefs and Wrecks. Steve Stringer had been out on his boat “Lucky Dip” from Portpatrick with a party on board,they had a few Spurdog,and some decent sized Whiting and Haddock,also a Bullhuss to the Surface where it performed its own catch and release at the back of the Boat.

I had a run out with Tom Stevenson aboard his Boat ” Danny Bouy” from Portlogan yesterday, we had lots of small Whiting,Dogfish,a couple of decent sized Coalfish about 2lbs and a codling about 1 1/2lbs also we spoke to Dale Robertson and his mate  whom had some Spurdog,small Whiting and a good sized Codling. Marks worth a try from the shore would be  The Yellow Isle,Cheese Rock,Tandoo Pt and Dunskey Castle  all near Portpatrick.

I am just recently back from another Trip to Cuba ,where My mate Allan Mc Lelland and myself had some cracking sized Bonefish and a Tarpon each as well as a few other species. The Weather was quite warm but very Windy,sometimes overcast with the occasional shower of Rain. The Sea was too rough to venture out to the deeper water over the coral reefs,so most of our fishing had to be done on the Flats. The strong winds did not make it easy sight Fishing  on the Flats as well as clouds sometimes blotting out the sun,all in quite difficult conditions, I have fished here many times and always in winds but some days when we set out the wind was steady but increased as the day progressed making casting very difficult,however we still managed to hook up some cracking sized Bonefish and I also hooked a few Permit, alas only landing one which escaped the eluded picture courtesy of a windknot in my leader. The Crab and Shrimp patterns that  I tied up for this trip were very successful,and accounted for2015-02-25 16.56.30 some nice sized Fish.

2015-03-02 18.36.52                We  had a couple of sessions in the sunset for Tarpon from the shore. The first session I hooked one Fish which came of after a few jumps and Allan hooked five from which he landed one nice sized fish after a long tussle.When he set the hook in the Fish it immediately exploded skywards in a series of jumps,then tore of into the sunset before it exploded into the air again.. During trying to control the Fish Allan had to side step his way along to the armoured rock to try to find a suitable spot to try and land the Fish for a quick Photo. Having got  onto a flatish area after a lengthly fight we managed to land the Tarpon for a quick photo before returning her to the water .


2015-02-27 01.28.29


The next evening out it was my turn ,a Tarpon on my Greys Platinum 12 weight fly  Rod and Hardy SDS Reel filled with Ultima 50lb Braid Backing and Rio Fly Line.  My tussle with this Tarpon started in the Sunset and ended in the Dark after a 1hr 40 min fight,twice it nearly ran me out of Backing, and it tore the Flyline to Backing Knots through the FlyRod rings so many heart wrenching times that I lost Count.Having got down onto the armoured rock which was very slippery underfoot with the help of our Guide Dunisky and the Light from a Local Cyclist,we managed to get an area where I could land the Fish for a Photo if it stayed on. After it headed for a Bridge I managed to Turn it and after a few more smaller runs ,in it came.  Our Guide Dunisky had a damaged shoulder,so I lipped the Fish, and one of the Cyclists held the Lips whilst I got under it for a Photo and then straight back whilst she had plenty of kick in her.2015-03-01 03.12.48On the last Day I headed out with Dunisky,firstly trying for a few Bonefish and the chance of a Permit whilst the sky was clear,however it was still very windy. Hooked up 3 Bonefish and duffed a permit by hooking the back of my head,the chance was missed and the cloud started coming over the sun,so it was time for a change of plan.      Spinning Rod at the ready we headed for some stony reefs and chucked  X-Raps and Poppers across the top of the stones,it was no time at all until I was into a nice Snapper,then another.After catching some it seemed to spook the rest so we headed to another Reef . Ihad a follow from a large fish which I could not identify, and then into another Snapper,this seemed a bit bigger and very strong ,a Cuberra snapper,the first one that I have landed   , a nice end to the holiday.


Tight Lines  Everyone  , Eric






A few Winter Pollack Around

2015-02-11 18.20.302015-02-11 16.15.05

Such a beautiful Day after the Winter Storms of late, it was a case of must get out for a Fish for something. Packed the car with My Greys Bze Bass Rod with Shimano Saragoza reel filled with Ultima Powerpro 30lb Braid, A few Spinning traces with Ultima  25lb Proteus Fluorocarbon hook lengths,Weights, Medium Sandeels,some Jellies,Bait elastic etc and headed for a mark north of The Mull of Galloway.  A brisk walk over 2 fields ,then a clamber onto the Rocks,and it was time to get ready for a throw. First cast was a blank,then next cast I had a small Pollack of about a 1lb in weight. over the next 3hrs I had some good sport ,landing 17 Fish up to about 3lbs in weight.This was a fantastic Day to be out,Isle of Man and Ireland visible in the distance,landed a few Fish ,a good way to get rid of the winter blues                         Tight Lines Eric