Area still Fishing well but Mackerel are scarce

The Area is still fishing pretty well but sometimes the Mackerel have been pretty hard to find. From Portlogan and Portpatrick  there have been some good sized Spurdog as well as Tope up to about the 50lbs Size landed ,there has been some good sized Bullhuss,Pollack to around the 9lbs,allthough most are about the 3lb size,Codling,Haddock and many other species, lochryan Sea Angling Association held their 4th Match of the Summer Series in conjunction with Peever S.A and Solway Vikings on Sun 9th July. There had been quite a lot of Rain throughout the week therefore the Estuary was quite silty,which might have affected the Fishing a bit. The Winner of the longest Bag in the Match was David little (Peever S.A ) 429cm 2nd was myself Eric Mc Lean ( L.S.A.A) 199cm 3rd Colin Rothwell (L.S.A.A) 109cm and Longest Fish 1st Eric McLean (L.S.A.A)91cm Thornback Ray 2nd Raymond Garrett (L.S.A.A)73cm Thornback Ray 3rd Equal David Little and Colin Rothwell 42cm Flounders

Had a Day out with Campbell Hearton on his Warrior 175 from The Isle of Whithorn,after launching we headed round to the front of the Cairn to try and bag up a few mackerel for Tope Baits.After about half an hours jigging it was time to head offshore to try for a few Tope. There was still quite a swell left from the Day before and even though the wind had dropped away to nothing ,the water was a bit lumpy . We decided to Drift for a while until the Tide slowed a bit ,then we would deploy the hook.It wasn,t long before we had a hook-up,a small Tope about 10lbs and therafter they came steadily to the Baits  but alas nothing bigger than 20lbs,but a good bit of sport nonetheless.About 1 1/2hours before High-Water we dropped the Anchor where we picked up a few more Tope to about the 25lbs,a few Bullhuss and the usual suspects the L.S.D,s also made an appearance. The Best Tope of the day was one that Campbell caught whilst drifting past a wreck ,it would have been about the 30lbs.

Lochryan Sea Angling Association held their 5th Match of the Summer Series on Sun 16th July .this was a roving Match between Stairhaven and Ardwell Bay . Most of the lads opted for Rock Marks around The Mull Of Galloway but there were a few who tried marks on the west Side of the Peninsula. In the roving Matches ,the Rules are that you may only weigh in one of each species and all Smoothhounds and Thornback Ray have to be Photographed on an official measure and then the weight is calculated from the charts.Tope are not allowed to be counted in any of the Matches . The Pegged matches are all Measure and Return.Species landed included Cuckoo wrasse,Ballan Wrasse,Dogfish,Pollack,Grey Gurnard,Mackerel,Dab,Rockling,Pouting etc  Heaviest Bag  1st Alec Bell (Peever S.A )10lbs 2nd David Little (Peever S.A )6lb 3oz 3rd Eric Mc Lean ( L.S.A.A )5lb 14oz   Heaviest Fish 1st Alec Bell 4lb 8oz pollack 2nd David little 2lb 15oz Pollack 3rd eric Mc Lean 2lb 5oz pollack.

Stranraer and District Angling Association Waters have fished really well from the Start of the Season on the 15th March up until now . Day tickets are available for Soulseat Loch,Dindinnie Reservoir,Knockquhassen Reservoir and Penwhirn Reservoir and you may Fish any of these waters on the same day Ticket which costs £18.00 for Full day or there is also an Evening Ticket for £12.00 Log on  to Stranraer and Districts Web Page for more Details . Picture above is a Nice Brown Trout from Soulseat caught by Alec Mc Colm,there  has been many PB,s of Brown Trout broken on this Water this Season. Dindinnie has an algae on it at the Moment but is still fishable as long as you wash your Hands and Kit after you have Fished on it.     Tight Lines Eric

P.S  Go onto You Tube  To watch a small Video that I made with Alec Bell Fishing From Portlogan Recently  its under”  Copy of fishing Portlogan with Alec Bell ”


Some fantastic Fishing around the Area at the moment

There is some fantastic Fishing to be had at the moment around the Area. There are are lots of Tope,Spurdogs,Bullhuss and the occasional Common Skate being landed as well as many other species Pollack,Haddock,Thornback Rays,Gurnards,Codling etc. From Rockmarks around The Mull Of Galloway there have been some nice Pollack up to 7lbs that have been caught  ,best method is Spinning Jellies or Frozen Sandeel. The Rock Marks around Portpatrick such as  “The Cheese Rock”,” Yellow Isle “,Tandoo Point”, “Morroch Point ” and Marks along the Killantringan area are all producing a few Fish  Dabs,Smoothhound ,Dogfish,Bullhuss,Codling,Gurnards etc. The Railway Pier in Stranraer is still worth a try for a few Mackerel as they can prove pretty elusive from other marks at the moment. I had a trip out with Alec Bell on his Boat Striker from Portlogan the other Day ,we spent nearly an hour looking for Mackerel ,but decided to go and set the anchor and fish with what baits we had taken with us .First drop and the Whiting were on the Baits straight away ,Baited up with a Whiting and it wasn,t long before a Spurdog made a meal of it . We managed a few Mackerel as we periodically jigged some Tinsels ,and baited up with fresh Mackerel and soon after a Tope screamed off ,thought the Hook was set,but apparently not as this Fish came off,but soon after another Fish tore off with the Bait and I managed to land this one a nice Fish over the 40lbs. The Day became pretty manic after that with Spurdogs galore coming aboard and the odd Bullhuss amongst the mix  and Alec actually pulled a Huss up with a Dogfish in its mouth. A few more Tope were landed ,all over the 30lbs and pretty fiesty Fish. Alec spent the last half hour Fishing Worm,Mussel and Crab Baits and he hooked some Haddock,Codling,Gurnards,Dabs etc and I pulled in a couple of Bullhuss , I think we had about 13 species throughout the Day  and this was without going hunting for them if you targeted Wrasse,Pollack,Coalfish,Flatfish etc I think 20 plus Species and over would be easily possible. Here are some Pics of our Day at Sea from Portlogan                 Tight Lines Eric

The Area is Fishing really well at the moment

The Area is Fishing really well at the moment.We had a Fortnight of Strong Winds and heavy rain which caused a lot of disruption for the small Boats,Charter Boats and the Shore Anglers but lately we had some cracking weather again, and both small Boats and Charter Boats have been getting tremendous Fishing with lots of Anglers busting their PB,s and some catching their First new Species. During the Bad weather Lochryan Sea Angling Association held their 3rd Match of the Summer Series, this was meant to be on Monrieth Beach but had to be switched to Terrally bay because of Floating Weed. It was the wrong Tide for Terrally  ,but a few Dogfish and 1Bass and a Grey Gurnard were Landed.Results   Longest Bag  1st Eric Mclean 112cm 2nd David Muir  109cm 3rd Alec Bell 108cm         Longest Fish  1st Brian Goupillot  Bass and 2nd John Higgins Grey Gurnard      Fished from The Isle of Whithorn with Campbell Hearton, we had a great Day at the Tope catching lots of Fish between 6-35lbs, we also had some Bullhuss ,Pollack etc     The Charter Boats around the Area have been having some really Good Days  on the Tope and various other Species and also Boats from Portpatrick have been landing a few Common Skate. I fished out from Portlogan on Alec Bells Boat Striker on Sunday where we had well into Double Figures of Species, Codling,Haddock,Bullhuss,Spurdog,Mackerel,Launce,Dab,Whiting,Dogfish,Gurnards etc    The Rock Marks around the Area have also been fishing Well with Smoothhounds,Codling,Tope,Dogfish,Gurnards and many other species being landed. The Mull of Galloway marks  have been producing Mackerel ,Wrasse,Pollack,Dogfish and many more Species, my mark to try would be Killintringan  for a few different Species ,best Baits Ragworm,Crab,Lug and Sandeel with Squid and Mackerel for a big fish such as Bullhuss. Some of our lads have had Smoothhounds, Plaice ,Codling and many other Species from the Portpatrick Marks.   Tight Lines Eric

The Area around the Rhins Peninsula is Fishing well at the moment

Alan Hughes with a TopeThe small Boats when they can get out are getting plenty of Tope, Smoothhounds and Thornback Rays as well as a few Bullhuss and many other species such as Gurnards, Herring, Mackerel, Whiting etc. in Luce Bay.

From Portlogan and Portpatrick there has been a lot of Bullhuss, Spurdog, Codling, Haddock, Pollack and even a few Common skate and many other species landed.

The Charter Boats from Portpatrick, “Predator ii” and “Lucky Dip” are both worth a trip out on as both boats are reporting good sport.

From Drummore and Portlogan “OnYer Marks ”  and “Go West” charter boats are also having very good sport and would be well worth a Trip with.

From the Rock Marks around the Area there is also some cracking sport to be had at the moment.

The Mull of Galloway Marks are producing a few Mackerel and Herring, Wrasse, Pollack, Dogfish, Bullhuss and the odd Conger and Tope.

From the Rocks around Portpatrick there are some decent Pollack up to around the 5lbs size, Wrasse, Dogfish, Bullhuss, Codling etc. and also from The Yellow Isle there has been a few Plaice caught.

The Rock Marks around Wigtown Bay are also throwing up a bit of sport with Smoothhounds, Tope and Rays as well as Dogfish.

From Rock Marks around the Ise of Whithorn there has also been some Bullhuss and the odd Tope landed but the Mackerel has been a bit scarce down that area.

Lochryan has been producing a few Mackerel, Dogfish and a few other species.

Rock marks around Portlogan have also thrown up some Pollack, Codling , Coalfish, Dogfish and Wrasse

Pictures above are myself with a Smoothhound, Raymond Garrett with a Tope, Alan Hughes with a Tope both from Rock Marks and Danny Kay with a nice Tope from LuceBay

Tight Lines  Eric

The Tope are here

In the past week a few Tope have been caught from the Isle of Whithorn, Luce Bay and Wigtown Bay also from marks out from Portpatrick .

Predator 11 had a couple of Common Skate, Bullhuss and a few other species and  Lucky Dip also had some Blonde Rays, Spurdogs, Bullhuss as well as other Species.

On yer Marks Boats have had some good days on the Tope in Luce Bay recently, check out these Skippers Web Sites for more info.

Lochryan Sea Angling Association held their 2nd Match of the Summer Series on last Sun 7th May.

There were quite a few species landed, Dab Flounder, Codling, Wrasse, Plaice, Dogfish, Thornback Ray etc.

A few of the Lads fished Marks around Burrowhead and Wigtown Bay but there were no Smoothhounds caught.

Results were

Heaviest Bag
1st Andy Smith 8lb 14oz
2nd Jim Keith 5lb 1oz
3rd D.Muir 2lb 12oz

Heaviest Fish
1st Andy Smith 7lb 8oz Thornback Ray
2nd Jim Keith 2lb 6oz Cod
3rd D.Muir 1lb 21/2oz Plaice

Photo: Andy Smith with his Thornback Ray

Tight Lines Eric

A Few Mackerel being caught from Lochryan and Mull of Galloway

There are a few Mackerel being landed from Lochryan and from The Mull of Galloway over the Past week or two.

From the small boats out from Portlogan there have been a few keepable Codling and Haddock also some Pollack.The Predator ii from Portpatrick has had their first Common Skate of the Season and Lucky Dip has had some small Spurdog and some Bullhuss so things are improving gradually.

Lochryan Sea Angling Association held their first Match of the Summer Series on Sun  30th April.

This was a Roving Match with Open Boundaries,so some of the lads opted for Marks just north of Portpatrick, some fished Lochryan and some went to the West Side of The Mull of Galloway while others went further away to marks around Wigtown Bay and Kirkcudbright.

The Species caught included:  Dab, Flounder, Plaice, Codling, Coalfish, Thornback Ray, Pollack, Dogfish and Common Eel.

Results of Match Heaviest Bag
1st Mark Dewar 13lb4oz
2nd  Colin Rothwell 4lb 151/2oz
3rd Eric Mc Lean 3lb 3oz

Heaviest Fish
1st  Mark Dewar 11lb 5oz Thornback Ray
2nd Allan Mc Lelland 1lb 13oz
3rd Andy Smith 1lb 121/2oz

The Thornback Ray and Common Eels were returned alive after being Photographed on an official measure

West Side of Peninsula still producing a few Fish

On the West Side of the Peninsula there are still a few Fish being caught.The Small Boats and Charter Boats are catching some Haddock,Codling ,Dogfish ,Small Whiting,Pollack,Coalfish and the Odd Mackerel have been turning up. From the Rock Marks around Clanyard ,Portlogan,West Tarbet,and Portpatrick there have been some Codling and Pollack also from Marks with sandier bottoms such as The Yellow Isle the odd plaice has been making an appearance.   

Lochryan Sea Angling Association held their Trophy Presentation on Saturday 8th April ,above are a few pics of the Trophy Winners    Junior Champ- Leon Paton  Junior Most species- James Mc Intyre  Snr Overall Champ- Eric Mc Lean   Species Hunt -Mark Dewar    All.Night trophy- Colin Rothwell    Snr Champ Roving- Eric Mc Lean    Snr Champ Pegged- John Higgins    Heaviest Bass- Andy Smith   Heaviest Flatfish-Colin Rothwell    Heaviest Fish – Neil Allison           Pairs Trophy Neil Allison and John Higgins Knockout Trophy -Mark Dewar.

Stranraer and District Trout waters have been Fishing really well with some nice sized over-wintered Brown and rainbow Trout being caught. Day Tickets are available from us at The SportShop ,Stranraer and cost £18.00 for an Adult and £10.00for Juniors .You are able to keep 2 Fish but when you kill your 2nd Fish you have to leave the Water. Best Flies to use on Dindinnie and Soulseat are Hares Ears ,Crunchers,Black nymphs,Zulu wet Flies and various other Patterns .Bait and Spinning is Allowed at Soulseat loch but Dindinnie reservoir is fly only

Tight Lines Eric

Still a few Whiting,Coalfish and Dogfish about

Terally Bay is still fishing quite well with a few Whiting,Dogfish and Coalfish being caught .Best time is to fish a rising tide into Darkness,best baits Lug,Sandeel ,Bluey and Frozen crab for the Coalfish.

Portpatrick Marks such as Yellow Isle,lairds Pt.,Killintringan Marks also worth wetting a line for Whiting,Dabs,pollack,Dogfish and the odd Codling up to about 3lbs.

The small Boats when able to get out have had some decent Whiting and Haddock as well as Dogfish and the odd Codling.

Had a trip to Costa Rica recently to try for Sailfish and Roosterfish,but this deemed to be a difficult task as the better Season for these species is from May until October,however we made the best of it ,we chucked Poppers until our arms nearly dropped off,trolled some live Baits ,and did a bit of Speed Jigging.Web also did a bit of Flyfishing from the Beach and the Rocks where we landed a few different species,I don,t know the British names for them as all the Costa Rican lads that were fishing handlines near us only spoke Spanish,the only Fish I knew the name of was some small Pufferfish which doubled in size before they were released. From the Boats we had a few Jack Crevalle,Needlefish,Dorado and Bonito and on my last Trip out I hooked a large Roosterfish which I Played for 20mins before it rubbed the leaderon some coral and escaped.From the Boats we saw large ammounts of Dolphins,Humpbacked Whales,Manta Rays,StingRays and Turtles and on land we travelled to Rainforests,Cloudforests,RiverRafted and travelled to Nicaragua for the day,on these trips we saw Sloths,Crocodiles,Racoons,different species of Monkey lots of Birds,Butterfliesetc,and we also went up a live Volcano where we could see the Lava gurgling  all in all a brilliant TripTight lines Eric


Plenty of Whiting around plus the odd decent Codling

Terrally Bay,near Drummore on the south side of the peninsula is worth a try for Whiting in the Evening. Rock Marks worth a try for Codling would be Mullhill near Portlogan, Cheese Rock and Tandoo Pt. South of Portpatrick,Yellow Isle and Lairds Point North of Portpatrick,also Rock Marks near Killintringan further North of Portpatrick. Best Baits are Lug,Mussel,Sandeel,Squid,Bluey and Mackerel.

Lochryan Sea Angling Asssociation held their Xmas Match on Dec.28th. The Match was fished from 6.00-10.00pm on Terrally Bay. There were lots of Whiting Landed as well as a few Dogfish,Coalfish,Pollack,and Rockling.Only 3 of each Species were allowed to be measured in this Match. Longest Bag  1st Mark Dewar 335cm 2nd Jamie Paton 269cm and 3rd Allan Mc Lelland 266cm  Longest Fish Mark Dewar 36cm Whiting . The Final of the Club Knockout Competition was also contested in this Match in Which Mark Dewar was the Victor and Gavin Mc Crae Runner-Up.

All the Best for 2017 and Tight Lines  Eric

West Side of Rhins Peninsula still Fishing Well

2016-10-22-15-30-36The West side of The Rhins Peninsula still Fishing Well with lots of different Species being caught.

Lochryan Sea Angling Association held their 9th Match of the Summer Series on Sunday 23rd October, most of the Lads opted for the West Side of the Peninsula as there was a strong easterly wind blowing.

There were lots of different Species caught from Killantringan,Yellow Isle and Portlogan which included Dab,Plaice,Tub and Grey Gurnard,Pollack,Codling,Coalfish,Ballan and Cuckoo Wrasse,Dogfish and Whiting.

Only one of each species count in these Matches.2016-10-22-11-50-55

Results were  

Heaviest Bag

1st Eric McLean 7lb 10oz
2nd Jim Keith 7lb 41/2oz
3rd Andi Smith 4lb 10oz

2016-10-22-15-29-55Heaviest Fish

1st Eric McLean 3lb 71/2oz Pollack
2nd Jim Keith 3lb 2oz pollack
3rd Andi Smith 2lb 6oz Pollack